Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting my own blog!

I've wanted to start my own blog for a long time, and today I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I'll be writing about things that interest me a lot, mostly about my nail designs but also about fashion and make up.

But first I'll tell you a bit about myself:
I'm a 19-year old girl from Kauniainen, Finland. I love travelling, visiting new places, getting to know other cultures, meeting new people and having a good time. I love working out, so in my sparetime I dance salsa, work out at the gym and go jogging. I also hang out with my friends, party, etc,etc.. :) I love art, music, shopping, tanning.. So as you see there are a lot of things that I love and I could go on and on listing those things. But enough about me, now I'll really get started and try to upload a few of my nail designs! :)

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