Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tutorial - rose nails

Hi there! This is a nail art design that I did last year (you can find the post HERE) But I got a comment about the fact that there's no tutorial, so I made one! I haven't been doing tutorials before... Sometimes I've just explained briefly what I've done but here we go! I hope this helps!!

1. Paint the whole nails in one color. Then make big dots in another color. They don't need to be perfect circles!

2. Then make three a little bit irregular lines around the dot and one half-moon or something similar in the middle using e.g. a nail art brush.

3. Make green leaves, and again, they don't need to be regular! You can just make really small stripes around the rose.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sparkle + cracked nails

My holiday nails (vol 1)! I'm now on holiday in Finland whohoo. :) It's been awesome so far! More nail posts will come these two weeks here, for sure.

This one is really simple to do, first you paint your whole nails golden (or in any other color). Then you paint the blue part, let it dry, and put on cracked nail polish on the blue part of the nail. Simple as that! :D

Have a good day, and happy polishing!